How to Get the Cheapest Rental Car Rates

There are many ways to get the lowest rates on a rental car. For instance, you can avoid airports, pre-pay in full, and book ahead of time. You can also avoid traveling on high-traffic days. By following these tips, you will be able to secure the best rates, regardless of the type of car you want to rent.

Avoiding airports

One of the best ways to get the best rental car rates is to avoid renting your vehicle at the airport. Airports tend to be high traffic places, so rates there tend to be higher than at off-site locations. Airports also have concession fees, which car rental agencies have to cover. This can add up to about twenty to thirty percent to the price of a rental. So, if you can avoid renting your car at the airport, you’ll save yourself $20 to thirty dollars per day.

When traveling, avoid renting a car at the airport, unless you have made advance reservations. You might find some good deals at larger airports, but you’ll need to shop around before selecting a car. Using a taxi to the city center can often be more affordable than renting a car at the airport. And don’t forget to cancel the rental car if you don’t like it.

You can also look into peer-to-peer car-sharing or online travel agencies for package deals. Avoiding airports is not always possible, but it can save you a lot of money. Airport rental car rates are on average 26% higher than rates at off-airport locations.

Avoiding airports can also save you money on fuel costs. Typically, rental car companies charge much higher gas prices than at local gas stations. If you need to purchase gasoline, make sure to buy it before returning your rental car. You can use a site like GasBuddy to find the best deals. And you may want to think about diesel fuel instead of gasoline – depending on where you are traveling, it may be cheaper.

Booking in advance

If you want to get the cheapest rental car rates, you should book your rental car in advance. This will allow you to compare rental rates across different months and jump on the best deals. By booking ahead, you will also increase your chances of getting the car of your choice. Booking last-minute may be OK during the off-peak season, but if you’re traveling during the holiday season, you’ll want to book in advance to get the best rates.

In addition to booking a car months in advance, you should check the rental car rates often. This is because rental car rates are extraordinarily volatile. You can always rebook a rental car at a lower price if the price goes down. However, it’s best to book your rental car well in advance, so that you can lock in the lower rate and still get the freedom to cancel if necessary.

To get the cheapest rental car rates, you should book at least six months in advance. During peak holiday periods, it’s best to make your reservations at least a few weeks ahead. If you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll want to make your reservation as early as possible.

If you’re traveling during peak season, it’s best to book your rental car 4-6 months in advance. Prices go up during peak times, so booking early is crucial.

Avoiding prepaying in full

Prepaying in full for rental car rates is risky. Rates fluctuate daily, and there is no guarantee that you will get the same price at the end of the trip. You should check prices daily or hourly to find the best deals. You can avoid cancellation fees by paying up front, but you also run the risk of missing out on better deals.

Avoiding high-traffic days

High-traffic days can make renting a car more expensive. There are more people renting cars on busy days and the price goes up accordingly. However, if you plan your vacation on a less busy day, you can still find a cheap rental car.

Cancellable rental car deals

Whenever possible, try to book a rental car with a cancellation policy. This way, if you need to cancel, you won’t have to pay a fee. However, you should note that not every rental car company offers this option. If you want to avail of this benefit, check the cancellation policy of the rental car company before making the booking.

For example, AutoSlash is a website that will track rental car prices for you, using discounts and coupons. It allows users to enter their rental criteria and receive an email with a price quote. This only takes a few minutes and requires some basic information. AutoSlash also asks you whether you want to use loyalty programs or credit cards, so it can find the best price for you.

Booking directly through car rental agency’s website

One of the best ways to get the best rental car rates is to book directly through the agency’s website. This is because the agency will be able to provide you with more information about the car. Usually, you will also be able to pay in advance, which will result in lower prices. You can also use a car rental comparison website to find the best deals.

Some car rental websites have powerful filters and easy-to-use booking systems. You can search by type of vehicle, airport terminal, or special type. Some sites will offer lower rates if you have airline miles or a loyalty program. It can take time to compare prices through different websites, so you may want to search multiple sites.

To find the cheapest rental car rates, you need to know your pick-up and drop-off locations. Then, you can select the car type you want. You can also use the lowest option to see all the different car types, as it will give you the cheapest rental. You can also filter the results by transmission type, number of doors, and air-conditioning.

The best way to find the cheapest rental car rates is to go to a car rental comparison website, such as Autoslash. This website compares different car rental agencies and allows you to enter your details and get an email with the lowest rates. The only downside to using these comparison websites is that you may have to pay more to get the cheapest rate, or you might have to book with a car rental agency that is not as well known. If you choose this route, however, make sure to understand the cancellation policy.

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